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As we work toward a more competitive online marketplace, safety and security are paramount. Cyber attacks can have a direct impact on your organization and customers, which can result in financial losses and reputational damage The Government has created CyberSecure Canada, a voluntary certification program to help small and medium-sized organizations protect themselves against cyber threats. The program is a way for small and medium-sized organizations to improve their cybersecurity knowledge through a free eLearning series and to voluntarily showcase their adherence to a baseline set of security protocols.  Visit Canada.ca/cybersecure to learn more about CyberSecure Canada program.

CyberSecure Canada eLearning 

CyberSecure Canada offers a free, bilingual eLearning series designed to help small and medium organizations improve their cyber security knowledge and obtain certification. 

The series consists of 14 self-paced modules designed for learners with minimal technical knowledge. They include templates and how-to guides and take 20-60 minutes to complete.  

Each module includes:
• an explanation of the importance of the security control area,
• a case study, highlighting what can go wrong without proper measures in place,
•  knowledge checks to test understanding,
• interactive scenarios to determine which actions a business should take to implement the certification requirements, and;
• a summary of the certification requirements. 

Check out CyberSecure Canada website to get started and feel free to share this resource widely within your networks. 

CyberSecure Canada Program