CIPS Connections – April 11th 2008

Girls encouraged to pursue IT careers

The CIPS Viking Section is holding a one-day “Women in IT (WIT)” conference targeting approximately 250 grade nine girls as prospective candidates for Information Technology (IT) and technical careers. The event is taking place at Memorial University of Newfoundland on April 23, 2008.

Each year, local CIPS sections across the country sponsor events to encourage girls to consider education and career options in math and science. This year, CIPS Viking is hosting a WIT event in Newfoundland and Labrador. The activities planned for the girls will expose them to a wide range of careers and provide inspiration for their academic plans. All of the speakers for the event are strong female members of the IT community. This will help the girls to identify with the speakers and to picture themselves as having the ability to be successful, too. As well, by bringing together participants from different schools, and gathering them at the university campus, the girls will have the opportunity to view themselves in a new context.

Various studies show that women “remain significantly under represented in … Canadian advanced technology sectors” and that “women who are employed in high-tech firms are also significantly less likely than men to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.”

The day is intended to give girls a window into the types of careers that are available to them, provide an opportunity to meet potential role models, and become familiar with the businesses that are local success stories and potential future employers.

For more information on the CIPS Viking Women in IT event, visit: www.cips.ca/it/viking/women.