The I.S.P. Certification includes a number of different routes to Certification, each representing a different background by which an IT professional may have reached I.S.P. level. The routes include:

Education Plus Experience Route:

An IT related University or College degree/diploma is required for this application route.

The following lists the required years of IT professional based on your IT University/College education. To determine if your program was Accredited by CIPS please visit:*.

Post-Secondary Education Plus Experience Routes:
  Education Minimum Years of IT Experience
A) i.

Accredited * 4-year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS, BTM)


Accredited * 3-year University  


Accredited 4-year University (Interdisciplinary programs)

B) i.

Non-accredited 4-year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S., BTM)


Non-accredited 3 year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S.. BTM)

C) i.

Accredited 3-year College/Technical Program


Accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Non-accredited 3-year Public/Private College/Technical Program**


Non-accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Accredited one-year post-graduate I.T. program


Exam Route:

EducationMinimum Years of IT Experience
E)i.ICCP Examinations5
E)ii.British Computer Society (BCS) Diploma Level Exams5
E)iii.British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Graduate Level Exams4

I.T. Leader Route:

F) i. – This route is only for applicants who hold a non-IT university degree, but possess the required experience to practice in the field.

Demonstration of an established career in IT (generally not less than 12 years) and a proven management achievement over a period of not less than four years in a senior management position. Responsible for IT strategies, resources, and operations at the organizational level.

Established Academic Route:

F) ii. – This Established Academic Route is available to professionals who:

  • have a full-time academic position in a Computer Science (CS) department or in an Management Information Systems (MIS) department at a Canadian University or equivalent and are ranked at least Associate Professor, or are eligible to hold this rank; and
  • are established in their field, both as a teacher and as a researcher, and will have contributed some service to their discipline and or profession.

Established IT Professional – Demonstrated Equivalency Route:

F) iii. – Demonstration of appropriate mastery of the CIPS Body of Knowledge.

Experience Only Route (must have entered the field prior to 1976):

G) Professional experience route – must have entered the field prior to 1976. At least 12 years of IT experience is required.

* Applicants who have graduated from an accredited computing program recognized under the Seoul Accord will be assessed as being equivalent to applicants from CIPS accredited undergraduate computing programs.

**Program from privately funded educational institutions need to meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Only Canadian baccalaureate degrees will be considered.
  2. The baccalaureate degree needs to have received official provincial/territorial government accreditation involving an institutional accreditation, which refers to the process of officially recognizing the post-secondary institution, and a program specific review, which refers to the official recognition of a program of study.
  3. The baccalaureate program needs to be a minimum of 3 academic years in length (or equivalent to six full course load terms)
  4. The C.I.S./C.I.T. specific course content of a program needs to be a minimum of 60% over three academic years.
  5. Transfer credits must be from an educational institution that has comparable or mutually acceptable standards and requirements.