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Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (the Corporation) is the deposit guarantor and primary regulator for Saskatchewan credit unions and SaskCentral (together, Provincially Regulated Financial Institutions or PRFIs). The Corporation instills confidence in the province’s credit union system with a mandate of:

  • guaranteeing the repayment of deposits in Saskatchewan credit unions
  • establishing regulatory standards and ensuring PRFIs are performing to those standards
  • promoting responsible governance by PRFIs, and contributing to the strength and stability of the credit union system
  • directing PRFIs to take action on material deficiencies, and any issue that may put depositors’ funds at risk
  • maintaining and managing a guarantee fund in a sound and prudent manner

The selection committee is now seeking candidates for the Corporation’s board of directors. The board is responsible for the governance of the Corporation and is responsible for providing oversight, strategic direction, planning and vision, and developing and implementing corporate policy.

The committee will assess the candidates against the competency-based needs of the board. Board members are selected based on the particular skill set/expertise currently needed to support the board. By implementing a competency-based approach, the Corporation is able to make effective use of intellectual capital in the decision-making processes.


The ideal candidate will meet the competencies identified by the board and have a combination of diverse skills, knowledge, experience, education and personal attributes.

A candidate may only apply one year after they are no longer employed by government, a credit union or SaskCentral.

The committee is seeking candidates who possess a combination of the following attributes:

Industry/Technical Function/Dynamics
Knowledge of credit unions and co-operatives Ability to effectively work/connect with management
Governance and ethics Commitment to CUDGC values and ethics
Human resources Flexibility and adaptability to change
Legal background Commitment to “speak with one voice”
Regulatory roles and legislation Trust and relationship building
Personal Attributes Consensus building/reasoned debate
Integrity – ethics
Ability to engage in healthy dialogue
Values fit

One position on the board (a three-year term) is required to be filled at this time. A legal background in relevant fields would be an asset. Preference is given to current or former residents of Saskatchewan.

The Corporation believes in the benefits of a board that consists of diversity and inclusiveness. The unique skills and experience each individual brings are considered valuable. Diversity of board composition is a consideration.

To learn more about the Corporation or to apply as a candidate, please refer to our website

Please submit completed candidate packages by 5:00 p.m. CST October 6, 2021. A complete package consists of the following:

  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
  • Director Candidate Guide

For questions regarding the Corporation’s board or for any questions regarding the application process, contact Deanna Bergbusch, Vice-President, Corporate Operations at 306-566-1429 or via email at or Brent Schellenberg, CEO at 306-566-1540 or via email at Only those selected for interviews will be contacted directly. We thank all applicants for their interest.

To apply for this job please visit

Call For Nominations – CUDGC Board of Directors