via Dasro, a CIPS Corporate Partner

“Born and raised in a remote village in India, Kamal Kataria came to Canada in 2010 to study and begin his career in project management. Working as a project management consultant, he saw a need for a specialized firm that could provide more qualified IT workers to large and mid-sized organizations in Saskatchewan. Capitalizing on this opportunity and answering the call to entrepreneurship he’d felt since childhood, Kamal founded Dasro in 2013 from a rented one-bedroom basement suite in Regina with limited resources, no financial backing, and risking a consulting career that was trending upwards. 

Dasro is an IT staffing and consulting agency that aims to connect organizations and professionals. The company believes that there is more to recruitment than simply satisfying a basic list of requirements. By putting great care, time, and effort into getting to know what each employer needs, they ensure that the client-candidate fit is optimal. Not only does this make for better productivity, but retention rates and satisfaction go up for all.”

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Building an IT Staffing and Consulting Agency in Canada – An interview with Kamal Kataria (Featured Article)