Recording of the CIPS September 29th 2020 Webinar:

“Are you getting enough fiber in your fiber-optic connection?”

Presentation Overview:

The top 3 things we’ll cover include:
• The technology behind today’s fiber-optic connections
• What “up to” really means
• Comparing Cable, shared fiber and direct fiber options

Speaker Biography:

Matthew Murray has worked in technology sector for over 15 years. He’s passionate about technology that’s remarkable, that makes a difference, and has an easily measured ROI. FlexNetworks owns, manages and operates extensive fibre-optic networks. Our current core geographic footprint includes Ottawa, many Saskatchewan cities as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba. FlexNetworks thrives on providing scalable and flexible solutions to meet current and future connectivity needs for organizations, enterprise business customers, service providers and carriers.

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CIPS Webcast: “Are you getting enough fiber in your fiber optic connection?” – Matthew Murray (Members-Only)