The software developer is changing – and so is their workflow (Featured Article)

via Appian, a CIPS Corporate Partner

What does a software developer do? That’s easy: they develop apps and software, right? It’s no longer that simple. Whereas before developers were reserved to handle writing software – a specialist skill – now they are expected to collaborate more with the business. And that requires communicating and better understanding various aspects of the business in which they operate.

The business / IT landscape is changing. Developers now need to communicate projects in a clear and easily digestible way, and they need to collaborate with people far beyond the boundaries of the IT function. Fortunately, there are tools that facilitate that collaboration, and they’re changing the face of coding forever.

The appetite for change
But why is this change happening? Firstly, there is widespread disillusionment among companies who have invested heavily into custom software that either takes too long to come to fruition or takes too long to deliver value. I know of companies that spent hundreds of millions of dollars on projects that took years to build, only to be underwhelmed when they were finally completed. 

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