There are two distinct phases in the CIPS accreditation process:

  • The self-assessment processes
  • The 12 month accreditation process

The Self-Assessment process

Before an institution submits a formal request for a program, the program must have in place processes for internal assessment. During this preparation phase, a program must:

  • Implement the assessment process for program educational objectives and student outcomes.
  • Demonstrate a continuous improvement loop.
  • Collect student work examples.
  • Review the most up-to-date Accreditation Criteria, Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, and Self-Study Questionnaire.

The Accreditation Process

Programs that have met the eligibility requirements and completed their assessment planning may begin the accreditation process with the submission of a request for accreditation.

After the Accreditation Process

CIPS offers guidance on how to promote your program’s accreditation, as well as information on appeals, the complaint process, and what kinds of program changes to report during the period of accreditation.

Process Matrix – Accreditation Review

Process Matrix – Recognition Review

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