What defines a Profession?   

There are many definitions of what constitutes a profession. Typically they all refer to a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to high ethical standards and are accepted by the public as possessing special knowledge and skills in a widely recognised, organized body of learning derived from specialized education and training. Inherent in this definition is the idea that the responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community takes precedence over personal considerations.

CIPS and the IT Profession   

The concept of establishing a profession for IT is one that has been actively promoted by CIPS since its inception in 1958. The IT profession has evolved from a trade to a profession that has an impact on all facets of society.  

CIPS is committed to advancing the IT profession and is actively engaged in a number of initiatives that directly relate to the advancement.

Although the IT industry has made significant progress in the last fifty years there is still significant room for advancement in a number of key areas. CIPS is committed to moving the bar forward in all areas relevant to creating a robust, mature IT profession in Canada.

Courtesy British Computer Society

Most mature professions have reached the “Public” level, where all its practitioners practice with independence, the profession provides leadership, and society in general benefits from the quality and application of best practices. The “Governed” level is a state where the profession is well defined and where professional membership is the norm and industry stakeholders value the profession. The “Qualified” level defines a state where the professional qualification(s) are defined, professional institutes oversee the qualifications, and where the definitions of professional competence and core knowledge are well understood.

What will the future of the IT profession look like? A more mature IT profession will be demonstrating the required leadership in advancing and improving the IT delivered products and services through the responsible and progressive application of IT standards

Benefits of a More Mature Profession

Advancing the broader concepts of a profession and professionalism in IT will result in:

  • An improved ability for organizations to exploit the full potential of IT effectively and consistently
  • A profession that is respected and valued
  • A source of real pride and aspiration for IT practitioners