Note for I.S.P. applicants: The “BOK” listed in the I.S.P. application is to be used and not the following “CBOK”. The alignment between the CBOK and the CIPS standards is currently taking place, and until the alignment is completed the certification standard remains aligned with the previous CIPS BOK.

About the CBOK

Underlying Principles

CBOK Committee

The CIPS Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK) outlines the knowledge any Canadian Computing or Information Technology professional is expected to possess.

The CBOK applies to a wide variety of professionals, including IT managers, software developers, computer scientists, and business analysts.

It is divided into 8 knowledge areas, each with a list of topics. Each has an expected knowledge level: Some are at the ‘application’ level, meaning that all professionals would be expected to be able to apply the knowledge in their daily work, while most most topics are at the lower ‘vocabulary’ level, meaning that professionals should understand the terms. Some topics are also at the intermediate ‘comprehension’ level.

The CBOK also provides a comprehensive set of references to the recent literature, enabling professionals to learn about each of the topics.

The CBOK is to be used as the basis for the certification of individuals, and will also guide developers of academic programs, and accreditors of those programs.

The CBOK was developed by a committee of CIPS members from across Canada, and involved extensive public consultation with over 170 IT and computing professionals from a wide variety of industries. The 2012 CBOK replaces the former 2005 CBOK.

Download the CIPS Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK)

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