What Kinds of Programs Does CIPS Accredit?

CIPS accredits postsecondary degree and diploma granting programs offered by institutions. CIPS does not accredit certification, training, or doctoral programs. In addition, CIPS does not release any reports or findings about accredited programs. All information except for a program’s next review date is strictly confidential. 

Computer Science Programs, Software Engineering and Interdisciplinary Programs

The CIPS Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC) accredits bachelor’s (four-year degree) levelComputer Science Programs, Software Engineering and Interdisciplinary programs.

Listing of Accredited Computer Science Programs

Listing of Accredited Software Engineering Programs

Listing of Accredited Inter-Disciplinary Program

Business Technology Management Programs

The CIPS Business Technology Management Accreditation Council (BTMAC) accredited bachelor (four year degree) level Business Technology Management programs.

Listing of Management Information Systems Programs

Listing of Business Technology Management Programs

Computer Systems Technology Programs and Bachelor of Technology (Colleges and Technical Institutes)

Listing of Computer Systems Technology type Diploma Programs

Listing of Applied Information Technology Degree Programs