A year or more before the on-site visit

The program should:

  • begin work on the self-study report; and
  • collect examples of student work, such as syllabi, textbooks, and sample assignments, to display for the review team to examine.

Six months before the on-site visit

Programs complete their self-study reports and send them to the CIPS Accreditation Secretariat.

CIPS invoices the institution for the program visit.

CIPS assigns a team chair the visit, the visit date is set, the team is formed, and the team begins reviewing the self-study reports.

One to two months before the on-site visit

On-site logistical planning begins. Rooms should be set up for the review team with the display materials, the visit schedule should be finalized, and student and faculty interviews should be arranged.

On-site visit occurs

Typically, the on-site visit lasts two day and includes a review of materials and interviews with students, faculty, staff, and administrators, and concludes with an exit meeting where the team conveys its findings.

One week after the on-site visit

The program provides the team with any errors of fact resulting from the exit meeting.

Two to three months after the on-site visit

CIPS formally communicates the team’s findings in the draft report to the institution.

Three to four months after the on-site visit

The program formally responds to the draft report.

Conclusion of the process

CIPS Councils meet during the summer to decide accreditation actions. Programs are formally notified with receipt of the final report not later than mid September.


Please contact the Accreditation Secretariat