Programs that have met the eligibility requirements for CIPS accreditation and completed advanced preparation/assessment may begin with the accreditation process. This is an approximate 12 month process summarized below:

Request for Accreditation Review

A Request for Accreditation Review should ideally be submitted no later than September 1. This allows for a visit to be scheduled during the winter period, the report to be produced during the spring and for the Councils to consider the reports at their summer meeting.

Self-Study Report

The self-study report is due two months prior to the scheduled visit. See the Self-Study Reports site for more information.

 On-Site Visit

On-site visits are typically scheduled between December and March. See On-Site Visit for more information. 

Due Process Response Period

The Response Period process period takes place after the on-site review is completed. CIPS sends the institution a draft report. The institution has 60 days to provide information on any factual error and omissions.

 Decision and Notification

Each team chair presents his/her team’s findings to the respective Council during the summer period. A final report will be prepared based on the review team’s findings, the program’s responses, and the council’s decision. The final report is sent to the institution in the early fall.


 Please contact the Accreditation Department.