CIPS Launches New IT Community Forum

CIPS has launched its new IT Community Forum, which allows its members to participate in a variety of discussion, network, and share knowledge and resources with members locally, across Canada, and around the world.

The CIPS IT Community Forum can be accessed at community.cips.ca and members will also receive email discussion summaries based on their email preferences.

Members can engage in discussions locally within their CIPS Provincial Society communities, or with all CIPS Members in Canada and around the world in the “The Water Cooler Forum” community.

CIPS Provincial community member access:

All members can access:

Other closed communities include those for CIPS Volunteers, Reviewers, and Staff to help improve communication, engagement, and sharing of information and resources.

Getting Started:

Update your Community Forum Member Profile:

  • Click your photo / initials at the top right and click “My Profile” (or Click Here)

  • Add a photo

  • Update your bio

Confirm Provincial Society access and CIPS Designations:

Adjust your email settings:

  • Community emails can be set to:

    • Real Time

    • Daily Digest

    • No Email

    • Consolidated Weekly” or “Daily Digest” for all your communities

Introduce yourself to the CIPS Community!

Note for New Members:

Access to the community forum is provided at the beginning of the month for new members. For immediate access please email support@cips.ca

Join the discussion today! – community.cips.ca

For any questions or technical issues please email support@cips.ca