WithYouWithMe and CIPS to Help SMBs Tap into Fully Funded Tech Talent Program

Palette Skills Secures $250M for Tech Talent – WithYouWithMe and CIPS to Seek Expressions of Interest from SMBs for Program

Ottawa, Ontario – May 8, 2023 – WithYouWithMe (WYWM), a leading talent solutions provider, has partnered with CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) to assist SMBs who are suffering from the digital skills crisis and help them in joining an innovative government funding opportunity.

The Palette Skills $250 million government funding initiative is aimed at supporting 15,000 mid-career workers in transitioning into new positions within the cybersecurity and digital technology sectors. WYWM is actively working with advocate and supporter CIPS, “Canada’s Association of IT Professionals”, to foster support for Palette Skills to provide SMBs with access to this valuable resource through WYWM’s programs.

WithYouWithMe is inviting SMBs to collaborate with them to identify digital and cyber roles that can be included in the project. If successful the project will provide training and job opportunities to diverse individuals, with the costs fully covered by the federal government.

“We are excited to work towards a collaboration with Palette Skills to provide SMBs with access to this government funding and help them find top tech talent,” said Caleb Walker, Senior VP of Business Development at WithYouWithMe. “This funding presents a unique opportunity for SMBs to contribute to the growth of the cybersecurity and digital technology sectors while tapping into a pool of diverse, skilled individuals.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, WithYouWithMe is requesting that SMBs provide information on their current and anticipated future hiring needs for target job titles/clusters in their region. The company is also seeking insight into the challenges SMBs face regarding talent acquisition and the underlying causes of these challenges. Finally, the company is requesting information on the strategies SMBs are currently employing to address these talent acquisition challenges and an evaluation of their effectiveness.

WithYouWithMe is committed to providing support to SMBs throughout the process of identifying top tech talent. The company’s team of experienced talent specialists will work with SMBs to identify the specific requirements for these roles and offer guidance on how they can work together to make this project a success.

“We believe that collaboration is key to achieving success, and we are excited to support WYWM on this initiative to secure this valuable funding for SMBs,” said CIPS CEO Greg Lane. “We look forward to seeing the positive impact this funding can have, providing opportunities for diverse talent to transition into new positions in the tech and cybersecurity sectors.”

SMBs are encouraged to respond by May 12th and schedule a virtual meeting with the WithYouWithMe team to discuss their specific requirements.

About WithYouWithMe

WithYouWithMe (WYWM) is a military veteran-led talent creation and workforce management platform dedicated to tackling the global skills crisis. We help organizations solve their digital skills shortages by identifying and growing talent in places others do not look – whether it is underrepresented groups in society and within their existing workforce. Named Asia Pacific’s fastest-growing tech company, WYWM partners with Five Eyes government and defense agencies to deliver high-value tech talent and increase productivity. 

For more information contact Caleb Walker, WithYouWithMe Senior VP of Business Development, at caleb@withyouwithme.com

 About CIPS

CIPS, Canada’s Association of I.T. Professionals, is a national IT federation of 10 provincial regulators that license IT professionals in Canada and abroad. Since 1958 CIPS has helped advance Canada’s IT profession by establishing standards and best practices for IT professionals and the public. CIPS offers membership for IT professionals which provides networking, skills assessment, career planning, professional development, and volunteer opportunities. CIPS also offers certification of IT professionals, which includes the only IT designation recognized by law* in Canada, accreditation of IT university and college post-secondary programs, a niche IT Job Board, and a forum for Canadian IT professionals to communicate with each other, to the government, and in international forums.

For more information contact Jonathan Elias, CIPS CMO, at jelias@cips.ca