I have worked in the IT sector beginning in 1970 until my retirement in 2014. In those years I worked for three companies, SaskTel, INCO, and SGI.

Unlike most IT professionals, I did not take the traditional path. After graduating from high school I took a secretarial course where I took keypunching. In 1970, I started working in the IT sector at Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) in their “IT Department” running a tabular machine which used punched paper tape to produce various reports related to telephone activity.

My next position was at INCO, a nickel mine, in Thompson Manitoba where I was employed for 10 years starting in the fall of 1971. It was in this environment that I moved through the different IT positions from keypunch operator, computer operator to programmer analyst. I worked with legacy technologies and had to continually update my knowledge as my IT roles and technologies changed. I attended courses and was very fortunate to be mentored on the job by some very competent individuals. One of my team’s highlights was when we were given an underground tour of the mine so we could relate to some of the programming we were involved in.

In 1982, I moved back home to Regina, Saskatchewan. I was hired by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) as an IT employee where I worked until my retirement in 2014. I dealt with numerous clients from various areas and levels with the corporation and outside of the corporation. I worked on many projects, studies, planning, and managing resources, to mention a few.

  • In July 1991, I joined CIPS and I am still an active member. I obtained my I.S.P. Certification in August of 1991.  I qualified with the grandfather clause and obtained my ITCP on April 2009.
  • I have held many positions in CIPS over the years. I have held positions on CIPS Regina, CIPS Saskatchewan and CIPS National.
  • I was on the CIPS National Board of Directors from 2001 – 2008  as Regional Director and National Student Director.            

In CIPS Regina, I was co-Chair of the Programming Committee, Regional Director, Vice-President, President, and Chair of the annual conference, Spring Seminar. A committee was formed to amalgamate CIPS Saskatoon and CIPS Regina into CIPS Saskatchewan of which I was a member.

After CIPS Saskatchewan was established, a committee was formed to legislate the I.S.P. Designation for Saskatchewan. A number of us were on this committee. It was a long task and in 2005 we reached our goal.  I became CIPS Saskatchewan Registrar and still hold position.      

As Registrar, I sit on the CIPS Saskatchewan Executive Board. I provide information about the status of the membership on a monthly basis, including problems and any concerns.

Personally, I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been provided while working with CIPS. I have developed and enhanced various skills which have helped me personally and with my career. e.g. project management, working with volunteer staff, interviewing, mentoring, learning nuances of dealing with government, etc.

* Updated August 26th 2022