Bilkent CYBERPARK, June 7-11 (Promoted Article)

Turkey has emerged as a world-class innovation hub. Between 2010 and 2018, the Turkish innovation ecosystem outperformed its EU counterpart by an average of about 15%. The Turkish ICT sector has doubled since 2014, growing at an annual average rate of about 17% and reaching total market size in the $30 billion range. 

Bilkent Cyberpark is the first private university technology park in Turkey. It is also among the foremost university science and technology parks in Europe hosting over 240 R&D companies along with 5 research centers, 1 micro nanochip factory. The technology park has 4000 employees.

Bilkent Cyberpark is organizing a virtual trade delegation to Canada on June 7 – 11, 2021. The delegation consists of their fast-growing ICT companies working on smart authentication, behavioral biometrics, digital signature, nearshore software development, next-generation cloud-based CRM application, business intelligence (BI) with rich visual reporting & analysis, AI-based adaptive digital learning, relationship-oriented data analytics, crime & fraud analysis, and simulation technologies

The companies are looking for business partners, distributors, and potential customers from Canada to help with their expansion plans. This represents a tremendous opportunity for Canadian firms looking to partner with the European ICT counterparts.

Here is a brief overview of participating ICT companies:

Arksigner: The company is offering the design, delivery, and operation of smart authentication solutions, digital signatures, and behavioral biometrics. Their solutions allow the users to create and verify electronic signatures, manage authentication solutions, and handle services related to communication and application management. Meeting Request

BilgeAdam Technologies: The company is one of the leading IT service companies in Europe offering nearshore software development and managed services. They have a new-generation cloud-based CRM solution and they want to leverage this product in the Canadian market through partners.Meeting Request

Bilisim: The company has the next-generation business intelligence system that offers rich visual reporting and analysis capabilities. Their solution can combine different structural and semi-structural data sources. It is being used by 100+ customers in Europe. They want to leverage this solution in the Canadian market through partners. Meeting Request

BK Mobil: The company is a software company focused on educational technologies. They have an AI-based adaptative digital learning platform that is already being used by a private school in Canada. Meeting Request

Datateam: The company is developing relationship-oriented data analysis solutions since 2015. Their solution is being used for crime & intelligence analysis, banking fraud, money laundering detection, insurance fraud, contract, and supply fraud. They want to leverage this solution in the Canadian market through partners. Meeting Request

Simsoft: The company is creating simulator solutions for defence, aerospace, marine industries. They develop simulators and serious games offering effective training and immersive user experiences. They want to leverage their simulator solutions in the Canadian market through partners. Meeting Request

For more information about the delegation, you can check the website

C.Clark Onen

Project Coordinator, Virtual Trade Delegation