CIPS Connections  – April 4th 2008

CIPS members are invited to attend the 2008 CIO Peer Forum in Toronto at the CIO association member rate. The CIO Peer Forum is the annual event of the CIO Association of Canada.
The CIO Peer Forum 2008 will bring together CIOs and C-Level Executives from across Canada for an event of learning, reflection and peer-to-peer discussions to examine the changing / endangered role of the future CIO. The forum will feature thought provoking ideas from industry experts as well as interactive sessions where panels of IT and business leaders share their experiences and insights on the current and future state of the CIO.

Program Schedule
Thursday April 17, 2008 – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Leadershift: Thriving in 2020
    Keynote – Dr. Nick Bontis
    During this enlightening and action-packed opening keynote Nick will inspire you to new ways of working; improve your ability to manage change and constant technological flux; lift productivity and efficiency for you and your organization; speed up innovation while driving business results; achieve industry leading competitiveness; determine what action you can take on Monday morning.
  • CXO Panel: Views from the Executive Suite
    What do CEOs and other C-level executives see as the CIO role in the future. Would businesses have a need for CIOs? What would their role be? What key qualities do they need to bring to the table?
  • State of the CIO: Current and Future Challenges
    Interact with your peers and share perspectives of the current and future challenges CIOs face. Facilitators at each table will present findings at the end of the session.
  • The CIO Profession: Driving Innovation and Competitive Advantage
    This presentation will present a point of view on the relevance of the CIO’s role in an enterprise and articulate a vision of how CIOs can thrive in the future by creating value and competitive advantage through innovation. Portions of the presentation will be interactive, seeking real time input from the audience on various issues impacting the role of the CIO.
  • The Evolving Role of the CIO: from Technology Guru to Innovation Change Champion!
    News stories headline that the future of organizations depends on changing the way they do business. Success is now rooted in Innovation and Change Leadership! The panellist will discuss what skills the CIOs will need to step up to the new market realities and extend their leadership role to deliver increased value from information and knowledge assets.
  • The Critical Role of CIO for Organizational Success
    Keynote – Adam Giambrone, Chairman, T.T.C.
    Adam Giambrone will talk about the importance of technology in a city operation like Toronto’s, the values that IT brings and the critical role that the CIO leader plays to make it happen.

Friday, April 18, 2008 – 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

  • CIO 2020: Business Leader or Dinosaur
    Keynote – Gartner and Forrester
    Ellen Kitzis, Research VP, Gartner
    Alex Cullen, VP, Research Director, Forrester
    Hear different perspectives from two industry research leaders on the future of the CIO role in 2020 and what you will need to do to survive.
  • Jobs 2.0
    Keynote – Dr. David Ticoll, CEO, Convergent Strategies
    How do we compete and win in a world where all the best jobs can increasingly be done from anywhere? David Ticoll advises governments, corporations, and individuals on how to respond – and will share his insights and advice with you.
  • Expert Panel: Future Proofing IT – Winning the Talent War – The CIO can’t be successful without having the right people! Attracting and developing the right people is one of the key success factors for the future of the CIO. This expert panel will bring a variety of perspectives to the table to share their current and future strategies to win the talent war.

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