CIPS Connections – June 27th 2008

International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) Chair Charles Hughes was among the guests that were present at the first “Influencer Roundtable” hosted by Microsoft Chair Bill Gates.  And since Bill Gates will become a non-executive Chair of Microsoft starting July 1, 2008, this is one of the last roundtables that he will host. The aim of the “Influcencer Roundtable” was to thank organizations which contributed to the development of the Microsoft and IT communities. Microsoft’s Development Director, Soma Somasegar was also present. 

At the “Influencer Roundtable,” Hughes had the opportunity to talk about the importance of IP3 and the International Information Technology Professional (IITP)* designation.  He thanked Microsoft for its support.

“On Bill’s arrival a group photo was taken and we sat down at to an inspiring lunch. Bill thanked us for our efforts and then spent the lunch eating nothing and giving fulsome responses to questions and comments from the guests. In response to the outline of IP3, he was generally supportive and focused on the scope and variety of disciplines in IT and the need for certifications to be founded on competence rather than only on educational achievements,” said IP3 Chair Charles Hughes.  “Lunch with Bill was interesting and useful and followed a first-rate keynote that he gave at Tech Ed. It was an honour and privilege to be invited and to represent IP3.”                                   

What is the International Professional Practice Partnership – IP3?

Previously known under the working name of I3P, the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) is a global program to promote professionalism, IT, define international standards and create a global infrastructure that will encourage and support the development of both practitioners and employer organizations. Recognition will be given to those who meet and maintain the required standards for knowledge, experience, competence and integrity.

The first IP3 certification will be the “gold standard” International IT Professional (IITP) designation.

The IITP designation will be available through accredited International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) member societies (such as CIPS representing Canada*) that will have a professional qualification.  IP3 will provide support to member societies by providing guidelines for accreditation, and marketing materials to promote the IITP designation and other IP3 products in their region.

The IITP designation will be offered to more than 30 million IT practitioners around the world. 

*CIPS representing Canada -The first-ever IITP designation will be offered by CIPS in partnership with the International Federation of Information Processing Society – IFIP (a United Nations/UNESCO consultative body), and its global association partners when the IITP designation is launched world-wide in 2009.  (CIPS is Canada‘s representative in IFIP.)  The IITP designation will be offered to more than 30 million IT practitioners around the world.