CIPS Connections  – April 4th 2008

Note: Ron’s publications are now simply listed within the publications section of his LinkedIn profile. They are available by contacting him directly. http://inherentquality.com/

CIPS members can purchase the Inherent Quality Simplicity book by Ron Richard at a special discount price of $15.50 (regularly $35.00). CIPS members are asked to enter code: CIPS2020.

The special price of $15.50 is being offered because “15 represents a time when ideally significant gains have been made towards or by advancing a Global IT Profession and community of practice and sharing and 50 represents the present year by means of it being the 50th anniversary year for CIPS,” said author Ron Richard.

Inherent Quality Simplicity (IQS) is a small and important book for pros and public that is intended to help make things better. It advocates improving harmony and humanity on route to continually maturing a Global IT Profession and evolving quality, value, excellence and simplicity intrinsically and pervasively. The world has been evolving since the beginning of time. As a result quality today is more so inherent. In the centuries of the future this will increasingly be the case. More than ever life is and will be touched, improved or impacted by software, technology and information. An important goal of this book is to help inspire thinking, imagination, perseverance, and collaboration. The book aims to help remove fear, elevate flexibility, enable knowledge sharing, and generate innovation that continually ensures tremendous gains for the world before and beyond the year 2020. Ideally everyone reads the book, connects some part of it to their own unique inner-essence, and finds (or builds upon) their purpose. The book is designed to be easily carried and read in a day.

To order a copy of Inherent Quality Simplicity, CIPS members are asked to visit: www.bookmarkbookstore.com/store/product.php?productid=16152&cat=0&page=1. Please use CIPS discount code: CIPS2020.