The CIPS Logo portrays the flow of information through a magnetic core. Closer examination reveals other features. The core itself forms the letter “C ” standing for “Canadian” or “canadienne.” The vertical sense wire forms the letter “i ” standing for “information processing” or “informatique.” The horizontal sense wire forms an arrow, symbolizing the motion of information through the magnetic core.

A magnetic core is a ring of square cross sections with two or more wires passing through it at right angles. In 1958, when the Society was founded, the magnetic core was the most advanced memory device available. Also, the magnetic core is used almost exclusively in computers, so that a picture of it conveys the idea “computer” to anyone familiar with the field. It was, overwhelmingly, the most commonly used memory element when it was accepted as the CIPS logo in 1969.

The AITP, I.S.P., and ITCP logos symbolize personal growth, ethical standards, and professional integrity.

The AITP blue ring symbolizes intelligence and trust.

The I.S.P. black ring symbolizes sophistication and tradition, with the I.S.P. originating in 1989, and Canada’s first professional designation recognized by law*.

The ITCP red ring symbolizes the characteristics of passion and strength.

The colour grey on the two following rings represents the passage of time and growth, leading to the expansion of knowledge of an I.T. professional’s expertise. The rings also symbolize that these designations not only serves the individual holder, but also the larger community of employers, stake-holders, and global IT industry.

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*The I.S.P. is legislated as a self regulating designation in six provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.