Saskatchewan Mentorship Program Supporting Internationally Trained IT Professionals and Students

Regina, Saskatchewan – April 20th, 2022

Funded in part by the Government of Saskatchewan, the CIPS Saskatchewan Mentorship Program is connecting IT mentors and mentees living in Saskatchewan, with a focus on supporting internationally trained IT professionals and students.

CIPS Saskatchewan, a Provincial Society of CIPS, Canada’s Association of IT Professionals, identified the need  to support their internationally trained members and students living in Saskatchewan, and established a mentorship program to assist their members with their career development. This member benefit runs from September to June, with mentors and mentees meeting regularly. 

Mentors and mentees are both encouraged to utilize the CIPS IT Skills Assessment and Career Planning tool, which identifies current IT skills, skills gaps, and the skills required to progress in their career. Members can then create an action plan to take courses to develop the required targeted skills to reach their career goals. IT skills are assessed using SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age), which is a technical competency and skills framework that provides a method of mapping an individual’s professional skills to a set of internationally relevant standard definitions.

The CIPS Saskatchewan Mentorship Program provides a valuable community for new Canadians and recent graduates from CIPS Accredited University and College programs, as well as for IT professional mentors looking to give back and support Saskatchewan’s IT community.  

A recent mentee in the program commented that “It was a great opportunity for me to learn from a local expert. I received excellent advice on how to integrate into local companies from my mentor.” – LY

The mentor working with this mentee also commented that “Becoming a CIPS mentor exceeded my expectations. It gave me the opportunity to connect with a highly skilled, forward-thinking person I probably would not have met otherwise. Our conversations and e-mails energized me. I learned, I grew, and, more than ever, I feel part of an international community of IT professionals. Would I volunteer again? In a heartbeat! The mentor training provides me with skills that transfer well into the workplace. I’ve been using some of the ideas at work. I will soon use the SFIA skills assessment results, too, for updating my in-house profile.” – JM

Interested CIPS Saskatchewan members are invited to join this mentorship program as either a mentor, mentee, or both. Learn more at https://sk.cips.ca/mentor-program/ and become a CIPS member at https://cips.ca/membership/ to participate in this mentorship program. 

Funded in part by: Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, Saskatchewan


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