References for Certification Applications (I.S.P., ITCP)

Please provide letters of reference from your employers, or clients if self-employed, for the last 24 months when applying for the I.S.P. or ITCP designation(s).

The referee(s) must be able to comment on your competence and confirm your work history over the last 24 months as documented by you in your I.S.P./ITCP application.

The referee(s) should be in a similar or higher professional level to you and cannot be someone who reports to you or who is a family member.

The information should be supplied via a letter (on company letterhead) and include your job title, a detailed job description and precise dates of employment or client relationship. Letters of appointment or contracts are not accepted. 

To facilitate the reference submission process you may copy the information you documented in the work experience sections in the I.S.P. or ITCP application(s) and use it as part of the reference letter, which can then be verified by the employer/client referee.

Please attach the completed and signed reference letter(s) to your I.S.P./ITCP application.

CIPS reserves the right to contact employers/clients to verify information. Please inform your references that they may be contacted by a CIPS representative.