CIPS Webcast: “Building your Skills Inventory for a Digital Future” with CIPS’ CEO Greg Lane

Watch the recording of the CIPS IT Professionalism Week event “Building your Skills Inventory for a Digital Future” with CIPS’ CEO Greg Lane, which took place on October 31st 2022:

Do you know what skills you need in the future? Do you know what skills you currently have? As the Association of IT Professionals in Canada CIPS is trying to assist by allowing all members to assess their knowledge and experience and access training to help improve both. The demand for IT talent worldwide is increasing so the entire IT community needs to work together to advance individually and collectively.  That journey starts with an understanding of where “we” are and a plan to get to where we need to be. The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is one of the tools CIPS is employing to help with the journey. This session will help attendees understand the challenge of Digital Transformation and plan for the future.

Greg Lane MBA, FCIPS, I.S.P. (ret) has over 30 years of leadership experience in IT. He did his master research report on Customer Service and Outsourcing. He has worked on product sales with Microsoft and Cisco and in consulting with Deloitte and Accenture.

His leadership experience includes volunteer activity with CIPS, ICTC and ITAC (now Technation). He has published on the topic of building relationships in a digital world and portals. He has lectured at both Algonquin College and University of Ottawa on Relationship Building and IT Governance.

Greg is currently an Executive in Residence at the University of Ottawa’s eHub program and the national CEO of CIPS, Canada’s Association of IT Professionals.

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