Do you have an IT related diploma/degree or completed ICCP/BCS Exams?


No = Apply for I.S.P. Certification First

Please select “No” if any of the following apply:

  • I am unable to have my official transcript(s) mailed directly from my school(s) to the CIPS National Office
  • I am unable to provide a Canadian course-by-course equivalency assessment (only required for schools outside of North America)
  • My school is a privately* funded institution 

*Programs from privately funded educational institutions need to meet the following minimum criteria to be accepted:

  1. Only Canadian baccalaureate degrees will be considered.
  2. The baccalaureate degree needs to have received official provincial/territorial government accreditation involving an institutional accreditation, which refers to the process of officially recognizing the post-secondary institution, and a program specific review, which refers to the official recognition of a program of study.
  3. The baccalaureate program needs to be a minimum of 3 academic years in length (or equivalent to six full course load terms)
  4. The C.I.S./C.I.T. specific course content of a program needs to be a minimum of 60% over three academic years.
  5. Transfer credits must be from an educational institution that has comparable or mutually acceptable standards and requirements.