Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Certification Application Route Recommendation

The pre-professional Associate Information Technology Professional (AITP) designation and Candidate Membership is the first step to obtaining Professional I.S.P. status.

AITP holders / Candidate Members have recently completed a relevant IT University or College education program, but don’t yet have the required experience for the Professional I.S.P. designation.

Along with completing a relevant IT related program AITP holders abide by the CIPS Code of Ethics and are committed to ongoing professional development. As AITP holders progress in their career and obtain IT professional work experience and knowledge they move along CIPS’ Certification Career Path and move towards the goal of obtaining CIPS’ I.S.P. (Information Systems Professional) and ITCP (Information Technology Certified Professional) Professional Certifications.

AITP Designation holders can use the post-nominal “AITP” after their name (i.e. John Doe, AITP) and can easily share their AITP achievement with prospective employers and clients with CIPS’ Online Certificates, allowing members to easily share their online Certificates, download them as a PDF, and post them to their LinkedIn profile.

AITP Designation Eligibility

Applicants must have recently graduated from an IT related University or College program, and don’t yet have the required years of experience for the I.S.P. designation.

Graduate of Non-Accredited Programs:

Graduates from programs that have not been accredited by CIPS can obtain the AITP by applying for “Candidate Membership”. 

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Graduates of CIPS Accredited Programs:

Graduates of CIPS Accredited programs are eligible for the AITP Designation and One Year of FREE CIPS Candidate Membership! Graduates are required to provide their final transcript to CIPS to confirm graduation from a CIPS Accredited program.

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To determine if your program was Accredited by CIPS please visit: