The pre-professional Candidate Membership is for recent graduates from an IT University or College program, who don’t yet have the required IT Experience for the Professional I.S.P. designation.

Candidate Members hold the Associate Information Technology Professional Designation.

AITP Designation holders can use the post-nominal “AITP” after their name (i.e. John Smith, AITP) and can easily share their AITP achievement with prospective employers and clients with CIPS’ Online Certificates, allowing members to easily share their online Certificates, download them as a PDF, and post them to their LinkedIn profile.

Graduate of Non-Accredited Programs can obtain the AITP by applying for “Candidate Membership” with the application below.

Graduates of CIPS Accredited Programs automatically qualify for the AITP. Apply Here

To determine if your program was Accredited by CIPS please Click Here

Requirements and Application:

  1. CIPS Membership and adherence to the CIPS Code of Ethics and Standards of conduct Conduct

  2. Candidate Application Review Fee Payment 

  3. Pass the CIPS Ethics Exam

  4. 2 Sponsors

  5. AITP Application (pick one of the following application routes):

    Candidate Membership / AITP Application


    CIPS Certification Application 2022 – Beta Version *NEW
    • This is a Beta version of the new CIPS Certification application and we welcome new applicants to try it out and provide feedback
    • This new application is for all CIPS Designations (AITP, I.S.P., and ITCP), and applicants will be provided with the designation(s) that meet their education and experience
    • Please note that the review time under this new application route may be longer than the existing routes at this time


Once approved for the AITP Designation Re-Certification is required every 3 years. Click Here to Learn more.

Click Here for the Decision Appeal Process